The Hon’ble Chief Minister had paid a visit to Nizamabad District on 24.12.2002 and 25.12.2002.  During the course of his visit the Hon’ble Chief Minister had visited Kandakurthi Village in Renjal Mandal on 25.12.2002.  The Villagers of Kandakurthi have requested the Hon’ble Chief Minister to make necessary arrangements for the ensuing Godavari Pushkaralu at Kandakurthi as it is the only entering point of Godavari river in the state,  but  no Godavari Pushkaralu were organised in the district for the past (50) years. 

         The Hon’ble Chief Minister was pleased with the request made by the villagers and was very kind enough to assure Godavari Pushkaralu, 2003 would not only be held at Kandakurthi, which is recognised as 116th Pushkaram Ghat, but also at two more important places in the district.  The assurance given by the Hon’ble Chief Minister on 25.12.2002 has taken shape in the form of Godavari Pushkaralu at Kandakurti (v) of Renjal (M), Pochampad of Balkonda (M) and Tadpakal of Morthad Mandal.  The entire people in Nizamabad district are very much pleased as their long cherished dream of conduct of Godavari Pushkaralu in Nizamabad district has come true.

        The reaction of the people in this regard is enclosed for kind perusal of the Hon’ble Chief Minsiter.


         Also popular as the entry point of river Godavari, in the state Telangana, which originates at Triombakeshwar of Nasik in Maharastra state.   The Triveni Sangam and Wriveni Sangam  is the confluence of river Haridra, Godavari and Manjeera.  This village has a great historical background and believed that the Skandaashramam was also here.  During the period of Vanavasa, Lord Sri Rama came here and done pujas.  The village is also the birth place of the founder of R.S.S. Dr. Keshav Rao Balirao Hegdewar and lot of people including pilgrims / scholars and political leaders visit this place.

         The inter stage bridge that was built on river Godavari, which joins Telangana state with Maharastra is the focal point to eye   the picturesque view of   confluence of three rivers namely Godavari, Manjeera and Haridra.   On the banks of Godavari an ancient  Shivalaya temple, built with black stone is existing.  Apart from this, in the  village Ramalayam, Keshava smruthi mandiram, Scanda mataalayam are the holy temples.  People believe that if any individual takes a dip in the Godavari river all his sins would be washed away  and he becomes a purified soul.  It is also believed that  Kandakurthi has the holiness equalient to Kashi in the North and Rameshwaralyam in the South.  Pilgrims who visit Kashi will have to visit Rameshwaralaya or  else they will not be relieved from the sins.  But for any reason if a pilgrim fails to visit one of  the above temples he can visit Ramalyam and Shivalayam in Kandakurthi village to wipe out their sins.  People also believed that not only they get rid of their sins if they take a dip in  Godavari river but also believe that they will be relived from various types of diseases. 

Late Dr. Keshav Rao Balirao Hegdewar, RSS founder

Skandadevi Alayam

Old Shivalayam on Godavari river bank

Newly Constructed Shivalayam

Bee line of pilgrims to Ghat

A view of newly constructed bathing ghat

Shops erected at Pushkar Ghat

Safe and Potable drinking water

Cultural programme


         The Pushkaram ghat of Pochampad  is built near  Sri Kodandaramachandra Swamy and Sri Ramalingeshwar aalayam.  Before construction of Sri Rama Sagar Project a Ramalyam was existing near the hill side of Kistapur  village.  Due to  construction of Pochampad Project the entire village  had  submerged in the dam and  the idols of Rama were shifted and a new Ramalyam is constructed on the banks of river Godavari.  Every Friday large number of devotees/ pilgrims  attend this temple for performing various rituals which includes christening, offering of Talaneelalu, marriages etc.,

Inauguration on 30.07.2003

Pochampad Ghat No.1

Pochampad Ghat No.2


Waiting Hall

Ladies dress changing rooms

Information Centre

Rasoi Ghar - Free Gas Supply


Lord Rajarajeshwari Temple

Pilgrims at Harikatha

Lord Shiva


         This is a important place for pilgrims who regularly come here to worship in Sri Rama temple and bathe in river Godavari located in the lower flow of Sri Rama Sagar Dam.   It is a serene place for the pilgrims. 


Inside view of Ramalayam

Bathing Ghat

Bathing Ghat

Parking place & Stalls

Information Centre & Stalls