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          The Boundaries of Nizamabad district are Karimnagar district, Medak district, Nandhedu district in Maharastra state and Adilabad district in the East, South, West and North directions respectively. This place was under the rule of Chalukya, Thugluk Dynasty, Golkonda and Nizam Kings. this district was formed in the year 1905.

Forest area occupies 21% of the district area. Quality Timber is extracted from these forests, Tamarind and Honey are the other products obtained from these woods. Bodhan Sugar Factory, the biggest sugar factory in Telangana is a major industrial establishment of the district. Confectioneries and Alcohol units are also found in some parts of the district. The project built on river Manjeera at Achampeta, Pocharam, and Poochampadu, Ramadugu Projects are the major irrigation sources. All Degree colleges are affiliated to the Telangana University - Dichpally.

Nizamabad was formerly known as Indur and Indrapuri. Nizamabad was ruled by Rashtrakutas in the 8th century, was ruled by the king "Indra Vallabha Panthya Varsha Indra Som". The city was named after him. In the year 1905 the railway line between Secundrabad and Manmad was constructed. The railway station was named after then ruler of the Nizam state "Nizam-ul-Mulk" as Nizamabad. The railway line connects Hyderabad and Mumbai. It is like North-South corridor. Has the distance of 161 km from Hyderabad and 640 km from Mumbai.

The "Nizam Sagar" dam was constructed in the year 1923 across the river manjeera at achampet village. It irrigates 250,000 acres (1,000 kmĀ²) of land in Nizamabad district.

Nizamabad is in the north of Telangana. It has different towns like Bodhan ,which has Nizam Sugar Factory. In early years it was the biggest in the Asia continent. Bodhan is a town with a mixture of people from many cultural and religious backgrounds. There is a largely visible community of Muslims as well as Christians and other religious communities. Once it was the capital of Nizamabad at the time of Rashtrakutas.

The National Highway No. 44 (Old 7) which goes from Kanyakumari in the south to Varanasi in North India runs through this Town (about 15 km away actually from Dichpalli and Armur). Also the new North South Corridor of NHDP runs through from here.

Another National Highway No. 63(Old 16) starts from Nizamabad and passes through Karimnagar to Jagadalpur in Chathisgarh state.

Recently Telangana University was established at Nizamabad, which serves three district of Adilabad, Medak and Nizamabad.
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